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Why this matters

Menstruation will affect 50% of the population for the majority of their working life. Periods are natural, and for most people they will have little impact on their ability to perform at work. However, there are some aspects of periods that have the power to make things a little trickier to deal with. Peri-menopause will affect everyone who has periods and can cause varying levels of disruption for around 10 years. Endometriosis (a chronic pain condition) affects 1 in 10 women. The chances are at least one person in your team has painful or heavy periods. As an employer, you can make small changes to ensure that everyone is supported at work.

Introducing… the Period Dignity movement!

For many years, periods have been hidden in the shadows. However, when we acknowledge that they exist, it can have a positive impact on employees’ self-esteem and confidence. It’s important to be aware that periods change over the years, and to be on-hand to support dedicated staff when things get tough.