We have now made the switch to Hey Girls and want to encourage other businesses to do the same, whatever size your business is. The brilliant B2B team at Hey Girls make the ordering process incredibly easy and you get to share in the success of Hey Girls incredibly impressive growth as a social business tackling period poverty.

Period poverty affects thousands of women and girls every month in Manchester. Whilst great efforts are being made to end this injustice, we know we are also doing our bit by buying from Hey Girls. For every pack we buy, a pack is given to someone who needs it. It’s that simple.

Tom Bloxham MBE, Chairman and co-founder ends his presentations about Urban Splash with the oath sworn by the citizens of ancient Athens as a reminder of the values we live and work by at Urban Splash. Buying from Hey Girls is simply one more way we can live true to that oath and we encourage you all to do the same.

“We shall leave this city not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than it was left to us”. 

Hall of Fame