Four simple things you can do as an employer:

Period products at work

Getting caught short at work is an embarrassing experience. It’s cheap and easy to ensure there are free period products in office

How do I do this:

A space to talk

Many people don’t feel able to talk about their periods – especially in the workplace. Creating occasional safe spaces for people to share experiences can be incredibly powerful. It helps women feel that they are not suffering alone, it helps colleagues understand each other, and it allows male employees to be supportive allies.

How do I do this:
Download the free My Period Lunch and Learn Worksheet.

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Period friendly policies

Most employers already offer some flexibility for their employees. By law all employers have to ensure they make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities. A few simple changes can make a huge difference to people with menstrual health conditions, enabling you to retain dedicated staff.

How do I do this:
Many organisations and unions have produced sample menopause or endometriosis policies. Take a look and see what could suit your organisation.

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Training for staff

Periods can be an awkward topic, so make sure your managers and your HR team are prepared to have the conversation.

How do I do this: 
Thanks to the Scottish Government, My Period is offering some free training to employers.

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