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Help with money advice

Universal Credit
National Debtline
Money Talks
Gambling help from Gamcare
Emergency Grants
Money Advice Scotland
Scotland’s Financial Health Service
Cost of Living Support Scotland
Independent Food Aid Network (download Cash First Referral Leaflets)
Help for Households
Money Helper
Sure Start Maternity Grant
Best Start Grant
Best Start Foods
Help with travel costs
NI Direct - Managing money
Advice NI
Step Change Debt Charity
NI Direct - Gambling
Finance Support nidirect
Money Helper nidirect

Help with housing

Apply for Housing
Help for households - housing costs
The Housing Executive
Housing Rights - housing advice
Advice NI
Homeless Connect

Help for people with young children

Best Start Grants
Home Start
Help with Childcare Costs
National Breastfeeding Helpline
UNICEF (Raising a happy baby)
NHS Inform - Planning for pregnancy
Tommy's - Pregnancy Hub
Tommy's - Planning for pregnancy
Relationships and support networks - Pregnancy Hub (Tommy's)
NI Direct - Tax-Free Childcare
NI Direct - Sure Start Services
NI Direct - Child Maintenance Service
Safer Schools NI
Parenting NI
Family Lives - Parenting and Family Support
Free School Meals / Uniform Grants
NI Direct - Breastfeeding
Family Support NI

Help with food

Best Start Foods
Trussell Trust
Tips for a healthy pre-pregnancy diet
NHS Inform - Vitamins and minerals in pregnancy
Breakfast at home
Apply for free school meals
NHS Healthy Start scheme – Get help to buy food and milk
Apply For Free School Meals

Help with medical questions

NHS Inform
In an Emergency Call 999
NHS Inform - Women's Health
NHS 111 Wales
NHS 111 Online
NHS Inform - Menopause
NHS Inform - Periods
Health conditions and planning pregnancy - Pregnancy Hub (Tommy's)
Drugs, alcohol and trying to conceive - Pregnancy Hub (Tommy's)
NHS Inform - Contraception
How long does it take to get pregnant? Pregnancy Hub (Tommy's)
NHS Inform - Periods and pregnancy
NHS Inform - Endometriosis
NHS Inform - Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
NHS Inform - Fibroids
NHS Inform - Adenomyosis
NHS Inform - Ovarian cyst
CoppaFeel breast cancer awareness charity
SignHealth - The Deaf Health Charity
NI Direct - A to Z illnesses and conditions
NI Direct - Period problems
NI Direct - Endometriosis
NI Direct - Menopause
NI Direct - Your local doctor (GP)
NI Direct - Period pain

Help with domestic abuse

National Domestic Abuse Helpline
Scottish Women’s Aid
Mankind (for male victims of domestic abuse)
Women's Aid
National LGBT Domestic Violence Helpline
Cardiff Women's Aid
British Sign Language Video: Domestic abuse - how to get help
Live Fear Free (Wales)
Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline
Scotland's Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline
Helpline for male victims of domestic abuse
My Support Space (Victim Support)
SignHealth - The Deaf Health Charity
Safer Scotland
NI Direct - Domestic abuse
NI Direct - Support services for victims
Women's Aid Federation Northern Ireland
Breaking the Cycle of Sexual Abuse and Abusive Relationships
Domestic violence - Victim Support NI
Domestic Abuse - PSNI
Domestic and Sexual Abuse Advocacy Service

Help after crime

Rape Crisis Scotland
Enough Campaign - we can all do something to challenge abuse
Revenge Porn Helpline
National Stalking Helpline - Suzy Lamplugh Trust
Victim Support NI
NI Direct - Sexual violence and abuse

Help with bereavement

Cruse Bereavement Care
Miscarriage Association
Pregnancy Hub - Help and Support
Tommy's - Miscarriage Support Tool
Tommy's - Baby Loss Support
Held in our Hearts
Victims & Survivors Support | Wave Trauma Centre | Northern Ireland
Lighthouse Charity Belfast
PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland

Help with mental health

NHS Inform - Get Help With Your Mental Health
NHS Inform - Mental Health Self Help Guides
NHS Inform - Periods and Mental Wellbeing Self Help Tool
NHS Inform - Mind to Mind shared wellbeing experiences
NHS Inform - Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing
Tommy's - Planning a pregnancy with a mental health condition
NHS Inform - Self help guides
SignHealth - The Deaf Health Charity
Lifeline Helpline
NI Direct - Emergency healthcare
NI Direct - GP out of hours service
NI Direct - Your local doctor (GP)
Aware NI
Inspire Wellbeing

Ask for Ani (Action Needed Immediately) codeword scheme